.This book gives a glimpse into the life of a female pilot and her impressive accomplishments in a world dominated by men.Women have traditionally been shunned for trying to fly, as it has been a job reserved for men.The courage and determination of Amelia Earhart were what helped her overcome prejudice, accomplish her dreams, and advance women's rights.Before 1900, women were expected to stay at home and let the men work.Their attire was expected to be long skirts and cheering on male sports players.Despite her anti-feminist views, Earhart disagreed with society's views on women.When she was still a child, Amelia Earhart displayed tomboy characteristics.Among other things, she played sports and wore bloomers (13).Through her unwavering commitment to being different and impacting lives, Amelia Earhart changed society's views of women.It may have been impossible for her to make such an impact if she had worried about conforming to society's standards instead.

Faith in herself was necessary for Earhart to overcome obstacles.It inspired others to believe in her and look up to her.Whenever Earhart appeared in public, she maintained a strong sense of self-respect.Earhart was already confident when she was young. .As Earhart learned to fly, her teacher turned her down because she believed she would never be a good pilot.She did not give up, however, due to her confidence.One day, she believed she would become a better pilot by continuing to learn.Her goal was achieved.Earhart would have stumbled over obstacles if she had been less confident.Earhart's confidence helped her gain the trust of others, which probably led to her success.It is important to "dare to live", as she instructed her students (83).It was important for Earhart to be determined to be a role model.In her quest to fulfill her dreams, Ariane faced numerous obstacles, but she persevered, inspiring girls everywhere, and showing them that determination makes the dream come true.Even after a bad takeoff, Earhart continued working hard to earn her pilot's license once she was ready.Also, even though Earhart was very busy, she made time to give speeches to young women because she wanted them to be themselves.Without perseverance, Amelia Earhart may never have met her dreams and flown across oceans.She would not have been a role model without her drive to become the best and to make a difference, and as a result, 50 percent more female students attended because of her influence.In order to succeed, Amelia Earhart needed confidence, determination, and an open mind.Despite being scared of getting hurt or failing sometimes, she still achieved her dreams and became an airplane pilot.Earhart wrote, "..I am quite aware of the hazards; I want to do it because I want to do it.".As Earhart wrote, “..I am quite aware of the hazards, I want to do it because I want to do it.“Failures are only challenges to others.” (110) Although Earhart didn't live long enough to realize all of her life's dreams, her actions would inspire many future generations of girls and women.The value of your time cannot be underestimated.We can write you an essay from scratch


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