Typical Interior Design of Mediterranean Houses

Interior design of a Mediterranean house is subject to the personal tastes of its occupants.Quality Bath (https://www.qualitybath.com/discover/post/16553/characteristics-of-mediterranean-decor) notes some of the typical characteristics of Mediterranean interior design, including:

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Different Types of Mediterranean House Styles

Mediterranean houses have many variations on the theme, but they are generally divided into three distinct styles.

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How Do Mediterranean Townhouses Differ from Mediterranean Houses in the Country?

Mediterranean houses are typically described as villa-style properties found along coastal zones or in rural areas.There are however many taller, narrower townhouses in the city and town.There are many features in these houses that resemble Mediterranean homes, including stucco exterior walls, arched windows, and interior decoration.There are however some subtle differences.As an example, the ceilings are often lower so that the houses can have three or four floors of floor space.In addition, there are usually no gardens.Instead, they are often built on roof terraces or small courtyards.


Mediterranean Houses Gardens and Outdoor Spaces?

Mediterranean houses often have an outdoor area that is almost as important as the structure itself and the interior décor.Living in a Mediterranean setting includes both indoors and outdoors.Almost every Mediterranean house has some form of outdoor space, even if it is only a roof terrace or balcony.

Rural and coastal houses usually have large outdoor spaces that are divided into different sections.An expansive property is usually surrounded by a courtyard, a terrace, a formal garden and sometimes an orchard.Many Mediterranean homes also have swimming pools.

Mediterranean gardens are eye-catching, low-maintenance, and water-wise, says Gardenia.Creating a replica Mediterranean garden involves a few key elements, such as.

The typical features of a Mediterranean garden can be incorporated even in smaller gardens, such as courtyards or terraces.A Mediterranean home is designed with outdoor seating so you can enjoy the space outside.Mini gardens can be easily embellished with pots and containers to add a splash of color and a wonderful aroma.

Replicas of Mediterranean Houses

A Mediterranean style house originated in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea; nowadays, it is popular in many other places.As a consequence, Mediterranean-style houses have been built in many countries around the world.

American homes have been built in a Mediterranean style.According to Freshome, they first gained popularity in the United States in the 1920s.As a result, seaside resorts flourished along with a culture obsessed with wealth and leisure.

First, the Mediterranean style was only applied to structures such as hotels.Yet many architects, like Bertram Goodhue and Addison Mizner, adopted the style for their designs.In these architects' opinion, it was the ideal style for breezy coastal homes.Especially in California and Florida, it remains a popular style.This style of house is, however, not exclusive to these areas.

Mediterranean-styled homes may also be found in coastal regions around Europe, Australia, and Africa, as these homes are perfect for those who live near water.Thus, if you go on vacation to a coastal area, you will probably see homes built in a Mediterranean style.

Mediterranean Homes – The Final Verdict

Although Mediterranean-style homes originated around the Mediterranean Sea, this style has now been adopted all over the globe.These homes cater to comfortable living in warm climates.Their external features, such as pastel stucco exterior walls, red-tiled roofs, and arched windows and doorways, make them easily identifiable.Mediterranean homes feature white walls with some pops of color added by accessories or textiles, but they can vary significantly in interior design.A Mediterranean home's outdoor area is vitally important, since indoor-outdoor living makes up a crucial aspect of the Mediterranean lifestyle.When creating this look, it is important to divide areas and use a variety of materials and features.Regardless of the style of your home, you can create a Mediterranean-style house in many ways.