Jobs that use geometry

The subject of geometry deals with dimensions, shapes, angles, and sizes of objects. .Job roles that regularly require geometry include:

1. Animator

Salary average: $43,875 annually

The main duty of an animator is to tell stories through moving images.

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2. Mathematics teacher

The average annual salary in the United States is $48,179

In elementary or secondary schools, a mathematics teacher builds lesson plans and presents on mathematical topics like geometry, algebra, or calculus.Among other duties, you'd be responsible for creating, administering and grading educational materials such as homework, assignments and quizzes, ensuring a safe environment for students and holding conferences with parents.

3. Fashion designer

Average yearly salary in the United States: $48,847

The primary responsibility of fashion designers is creating and producing various clothing items, shoes, and accessories.The major duties of fashion buyers are to choose fabrics, materials, styles, prints, and colors, to identify upcoming fashion trends, to attend fashion shows, and to decide on seasonal themes for new product lines.

4. Plumber

Salary: $50,814 on average

In addition to installing and repairing pipes in both residential and commercial properties, a plumber also uses their knowledge of pipe systems and their components.A plumber's other duties include unclogging toilets, sinks, and shower drains, removing gunk from pipes, testing systems to locate leaks, and measuring pipes to install parts that fit in the designated area.

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5. CAD engineer

Salary average national: $54,135

An engineer who works with computer software typically develops construction plans for cars, bridges, skyscrapers, or other buildings.Among their responsibilities are designing 2D and 3D images for construction workers to clearly present complex projects, establishing budgets and timelines, and analyzing the data of various projects to come up with creative solutions to any design problems that arise.

6. Game developer

In the United States, the average salary is $55,832.

Game developers, also known as video game developers, create video games for a wide variety of platforms, including mobile, desktop, and console.The developer is also responsible for developing the game base code, troubleshooting and testing designs, and assisting in the development of characters, levels, and storylines.

7. Interior designer

A national average salary of $58,261 is reported

An interior designer creates plans for living or working spaces from start to finish.A designer's main duties include drawing design plans to meet client interests, goals, and preferences, sourcing products and materials, deciding on prices, and using the latest computer software programs to create designs.

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8. Surveyor

Average annual salary in the U.S.: $63,824

.In addition, she visits various job sites to take measurements, measures angles and distances on different properties to identify legal construction boundaries, uses calculations to confirm measurements, and analyzes maps, charts, software and plan data.

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9. Urban planner

Annual national average salary: $69,015

An urban planner's main duty is to preserve land or modernize a city.

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10. Construction worker

Average salary: $73,153 annually

Construction workers construct buildings and other properties on a construction site.Their responsibilities include removing debris from the site, unloading and loading tools and materials, operating heavy equipment and machinery, following construction plans provided by managers, digging tunnels or holes, and mixing, leveling, or pouring concrete.

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11. Cartographer

Salary average: $74,790 per year

Cartographers are responsible for designing maps utilizing mapping software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).Other responsibilities include researching, gathering and analyzing data to enter into maps, confirming the accuracy of different maps and evaluating satellite images and aerial photos to create accurate and detailed maps.

12. Mathematician

Average annual salary: $93,888

Mathematics is the application of mathematical methods and theorems to real-life problems.Data collection and analysis, solving problems across sectors such as government, science, engineering, and business, and uncovering underlying relationships between mathematic principles are the main responsibilities of these professionals. They are also responsible for using models to solve problems and present solutions to leadership teams.

13. Mechanical engineer

The average national salary is $94,914 per year

The main job duties of a mechanical engineer are to design, repair, and evaluate various mechanical devices, including cooling and heating systems, transportation systems, tools and industrial machinery.Among other duties, the technician analyzes mechanical issues, develops solutions for malfunctions, performs experiments on possible improvements to machinery and invents new products.

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14. Robotics engineer

Average national salary: $96,280

In industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and healthcare, robotic engineers design, develop, and test robotic systems and applications to increase productivity.Writing robot software solutions, designing mechanisms, calibrating robotic systems to provide advanced efficiencies, and troubleshooting robotic applications and systems are the principal duties of this group.

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15. Architect

Salary average: $110,020 per year

An architect creates designs for workplaces, buildings and homes.Among their key duties are creating well-designed structures according to the client's preferences, needs, and ideas, creating cost estimates for clients, designing construction plans based on specifications and scale drawings, and negotiating contracts.